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Care Guide


Many factors can influence the condition of our fragile jewellery. Please be sure to properly clean, polish and store your jewellery for long-lasting wear. Many of our materials are delicate in nature and should be worn with care. We do not recommend wearing our beaded jewellery when sleeping or partaking in strenuous tasks and activities


Tips to ensure your precious jewellery lasts a lifetime.

Storage: Many of our pieces are made with real shells, baroque pearls and glass beads which are delicate in nature. Protect your jewellery by individually storing each piece in a pouch or soft material to help avoid breakage, scratching or tangling. Always pack your jewellery with care.

Protecting Your Jewellery:  Protect them by avoiding extreme temperatures, banging, scratches and harsh chemicals (like some active ingredients in skincare) to minimise damage or wear. Care should always be taken when wearing delicate materials and gold-plated jewellery.


Cleaning Your Gold Plated Jewellery: Lets be real, gold plated jewellery will tarnish (and sometimes quite quickly, especially the rings) and it will get dirty. Protect your layer of gold and extend its shine by cleaning each piece and avoiding substances that aren’t PH neutral. We recommend removing your jewellery when swimming, bathing and showering. Avoid spraying perfumes or applying creams directly to the jewellery. Even if you’re sure your jewellery hasn’t been exposed to any of the aforementioned substances, it has been in contact with your skin—which does perspire. Constant contact with water, sweat or other substances will ruin the top layer of gold and therefore lead to premature tarnishing. Our gold earrings and necklaces do take a while to tarnish, however our gold plated rings will tarnish quite quickly due to them being in constant contact with skin. For rings that maintain their shine and colour, we recommend purchasing one of our Gold Filled Rings.

Caring for Gold Filled Rings: Our Gold Filled Ring range is made from high quality 14-18k filled materials such as brass. You can wear these pieces in the shower and in water- however you must note that this will cause the layers of gold to be rubbed off. Everyone's skin and the amount they perspire is different but this can cause a little discolouration to the ring. The best way to care for your Gold Filled Rings is to take them off when applying creams and perfumes etc, when running/intense sporting activities and when in chlorine. Clean often to get the dirt off the ring every few weeks to maintain the shine!

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $50 away from free shipping.
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